We train our Victors through the process of “Genesis” and “Metamorphosis” in developing their competence and skill as expected of a professional for the position hired with defined responsibilities, authority and accountability to execute task.

We believe that, for any organisation to achieve sustenance and prominence, one need to practice quality and efficiency defined through professionalism"


We believe in building a culture where people can be their authentic selves, bringing their best work output, their best ideas and become one among the best people of our organisation”

Living with responsibility can make us stronger and more action-oriented individuals.

We make our Victors learn to take the responsibility for outcomes in their professional life.


VIVO and Victors stand dedicated with devotion n adherence to the purpose of building VIVO as an ethically driven organisation through quality in promotion of brands and upgraded efficiency in dealing with customer interest in acquiring knowledge in the domain of infertility.

Team work

Teamwork at VIVO involves cooperation among workers. This cooperation is usually for the sake of a common goal that the entire team is working toward building the organisation and their career through collective performance.


Leadership at VIVO is not defined by position but through the Professional’s “Competence” and “Character” with transformational Leadership in building performing teams through each Victor engagement for up gradation through transformation.

We practice the traits of leadership in our daily life at VIVO thereby making the organisation environment inspirational through learning for Victors


Growth is the way of life at VIVO.

Since the ultimate goal of most companies is profitability, most companies will measure their growth in terms of net profit, revenue, and other financial data.

We are an employee’s driven organisation and are committed for Organisational overall growth through effective employee engagement for their internal growth and career enhancement within the organisation.